Our Mission

Advertising and marketing have made the current state of food culture just ridiculous.  I mean come on: it’s officially out of control.  We are being bombarded, nay suffocated, with all kinds of contradictory messages about the food we eat. So many questions: where does it come from, is it organic, is it natural, who’s the farmer, is he a good person, is he vegetarian and if so, why? With so much information out there most people don’t have time to do the research they wish they could to find out more about the food they are eating. They’d rather just have someone that they trust to do it for them. That’s where our butchers come in.

We know our customers just want to hear the truth about what they are buying.  They want to be able to make informed decisions about what they eat and don’t want to be fed a bunch of BS just to get them to pay more for it. We also realize that our customers want change. We know the meat industry inside and out. We know what it is today and we know that most people out there want it to be better than it is. The food industry is a lot like politics, it takes a lot of work for just a little change.  We try to act on behalf of our customers to put the pressure on the industry to make it better – more sustainable, ethical, righteous. One step at a time.

Our promise to you is that we will get you the best possible food products that we can find and we’ll do it the right way.  It might be organic, naturally raised, sustainable, local, depending on what you are looking for and where we can find it, but it will always be the best quality we can give you.

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